Why would anyone eat anything besides breakfast foods?

I’m a big champion for the “breakfast of champions” lifestyle. I’m pretty positive all my favorite foods lie in the breakfast category. Eggs – versatile and great sources of protein. Vegetables & Fruit – great sources of vitamins that boost your energy early in the morning. Coffee – shouldn’t need explaining. Bread – because like Oprah, I too love bread.

When it comes to breakfast in Paris it’s a little bit of a confusing concept. You have the breakfast at home, where quite honestly, it’s normal to take a bowl of cereal or just some bread and jam. For a country that created culinary arts, breakfast is really slept on (*ba-boom-tzzz*). However, restaurants dedicated to breakfast have been popping up all over the city, bringing patrons (like me) the necessary nutrients they need for the first meal of the day.

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Ob-La-Di, Paris, 3 ème

Nestled into the northeastern corner of Le Marais, a branché (trendy) part of town in the third arrondissement, rests Ob-La-Di. It’s the baby of a sweet Australian lady who makes you feel very at ease in her cozy/tight café. However, it’s more than a spot to grab coffee and take a pause after vintage shopping nearby. The antiqued mirrors, geometric patterned tiles, woodwork paired with bronze metals & clean white marbled counters, create west coast/LA meets modern Paris vibes. It’s quite literally a place you spend 9 € for avocado toast but it’s heavenly and you tell yourself it’s worth it. The chimichurri on top is such a refreshing vibrant addition that balances out the fatty/rich avocado.

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Sweet & Savory Stacks ft. coffee assortments at Holybelly, Paris, 10 ème

On the less healthy-minded side, we’ve got the highly sought after Holybelly. I find that weekday brunch is the best time to enjoy this popular breakfast eatery. You can walk in around 10:30 with little to no line (mais ça dépend, hein?), as I’ve done in the past, grab a table with your pals and bientôt you’re enjoying the American breakfast you’ve so desperately craved since arriving abroad. Big portions and delicious coffee that doesn’t have that over-sweetened taste many American eateries might infuse. Into it.

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Season, Paris, 3 ème

Another breakfast joint found in the tippy-top of Le Marais, is Season. With a convenient take-away option located just next-door, the breakfast/brunch menu warrants a try on your next visit.  They have multiple types of muesli bowls, homemade naan, a tomato/egg bake that will blow your mind and plenty of gluten-free options. If you order tea, you also get an egg-timer that reminds you when the tea is done steeping; a real life-saver.

While it’s the first, it’s certainly not the last time I’ll be talking about Parisian breakfast spots. Soon, I’m sure we’ll talk about my true favorite breakfast spot in Paris; my apartment.

Until then, enjoy.

xo Mademoiselle Goe


One thought on “Why would anyone eat anything besides breakfast foods?

  1. Helen Martin says:

    I am enchanted by what you are doing; how you do it ……. producing these wonderful mini scenes through your elegant, joyful and funny words and delightful pictures. ‘Being the good Italian woman that you are …… and minding the Cappuccino rule’ …… Excellent!

    Liked by 1 person

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