October – Chianti adventure part 1

Needless to say, I’ve done a horrendous job of keeping up with writing about my weekly affairs here in Paris. I’ve found myself scooting around, staying busy, cooking, learning,  traveling & absorbing all things Parisian. Let’s dive back in shall we? Why not start with my October visit to Chianti, Italy.

Chianti: forever beautiful weather, rolling hills, getting lost, living off the land, good food, better people & a leisurely paced lifestyle that keeps time practically erased from your mind.


What did I say about rolling hills?

My uniform for my week in the Italian countryside included white PF Flyers, breathable sweaters & jeans. Didn’t vary too often.

With the autumn colors spreading through the land, October made for a beautiful month, especially to see a place on earth that grows so much that we consume.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Villa le Barone, Chianti

That being said, fall is my favorite season as far as agriculture is concerned. The first olives are harvested, persimmons, apples, mushrooms, quince, leafy greens, figs, wine grapes… the list goes on. Such earthy flavors and really personal & powerful memories are associated to each food item.

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My first mushroom picking experience: black chanterelle/trumpet

Hands down, my favorite experiences while in Chianti were picking food fresh off the tree/vine/bush/ground and consuming seconds after the umbilical cord was cut. It’s amazing how flavors of newly harvested produce, grown organically, can transcend any other you might have experienced.

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Persimmons, Chianti

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Enough homegrown sage to swim in

If anything, it was a gentle reminder of how much ingredients matter. How they are grown, who grows them, from where, with what materials, under what conditions? The questions are important for us to ask if we truly care about what we put into our bodies and the flavors we want to invoke on a plate.

I’ll be back to write about more adventures from the homeland.




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