Sept. 7 – les amis

The beginning of anything unknown reminds me of how you feel in gym class as a child; “please, don’t pick me last.”

It was like that on the first day of high school, college and now being abroad without a significantly familiar support group like the one I had back in the states. You put on your best smile & basically throw yourself on a pedestal, hoping likeminded individuals flock to your desperate calls of friendship.

I’ve clearly done an amazing job because I won the friend jackpot as far as I’m concerned. Thank you Facebook.

So about Facebook… it’s a really wonderful place but also makes you “realize things,” as once said by Kylie Jenner.

There are numerous “AU PAIR PARIS” groups to sift through on Facebook, and what you start to notice is a large group of adolescent girls (maybe on their gap year) who know literally nothing, except how to babysit. I have actually seen posts stating, “what important things should I pack?” “How can I use my American electronics abroad?” “How do I get my visa?” “If I’m an EU citizen… do I need a visa?” If these are questions you’re seriously asking and cannot figure out the answers to on your own, you probably should not be moving abroad for an entire year to supervise other children, as you’re probably still a child.

Yet, somehow, I magically found myself in a little group chat with a dozen other ladies who, like me, seemingly understood how big of a responsibility and life changing event this year would be.

We meet up for coffee & exploration, wine along the Seine, local Parisian hotspots, jazz and everything else that is beautiful and fulfilling in this gorgeous city we now call home.

Yes, we’re still young & we don’t know everything but I think we’ve got a leg up on the competition.

That being said, please read the following TRUE stories of one of my newfound friends. We’ll call this person Harriet. Enjoy.

  • Dated a guy for 4 months and to this day, still does not know his name.
  • Drunkenly fell out of a tree. Cut open tongue. Got stitches. Showed off stitches that same night at a bar. Broke the stitches. Open wound yet again.
  • Dates an Abercrombie model.
  • Had issues with their ear as a child therefor idolized Vincent van Gogh because he cut his off.
  • Hates me for not liking Picasso.
  • Won’t start a blog even though she’s a real modern day Anaïs Nin. It’s a true shame.

I apologize for my lack of photography in this post but we’ve yet to take any photos. I’m sure that will change. Just stay tuned.



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