Let’s talk about 2017

Bonne année et bonne santé!

The clock striking 1 a.m. on January first, in retrospect, never brought huge change in my life. For the most part, I would continue the same old routine and the only difference was saying goodbye to the holidays. Year 2017 is the first time where the shift into the new year brought real tangible modification into my life. I had an actual physical (and surely emotional) reaction to the opportunities that 2017 would bring. A heavy ominous stress hung over me like a gloomy grey cloud.

I took everything rather negatively at first, as most of my feelings were stemming from fear. A fear of failure and loneliness overtook me those first couple of January days.

Thankfully, the task of switching back into a slew of work projects, the onslaught of new recipe ideas and the prospect of continuing to improve my French and knowledge of Paris, brought me back to the light.

As far as major culinary goals go, I made a short list that I hope to finish before I leave Europe and head back to the states:

  • Make a bomb butter out of funky cultured raw French cream
  • Perfect the French baguette
  • Perfect the French macaron
  • Learn as much as possible about (French) wines from Parisian sommeliers
  • Memorize simple from-scratch recipes (doughs, sauces, etc.)

With 70 hour work weeks, I’m getting a lot of experience and have been extremely productive. Big things ahead in 2017, and I’m excited to live through these milestones.



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