Living in Paris: Comment être en bonne santé

The French not only love to talk about how to stay healthy but I think for the most part, are known stereotypically for having healthier lifestyles than Americans. I certainly cannot wrap my head around it; considering the facts that smoking, drinking alcohol, foods soaked in butter and a typical French breakfast consisting of croissants and jam are so common in a Parisian’s daily life. It’s not even to say that the French all smoke and drink, but for example, I lived in Paris during a time period where the pollution was at the highest it had been in the last thirty years. Inhaling smoke from the people around you and the tremendous amounts of pollution cannot sustain a long healthy life, right?

The question remains: how do they do it?

If you’re watching quirky videos of some French model filmed by Vogue, they tell you all the walking, not using harsh products and drinking a glass of red wine a day makes for a perfect, healthy woman.

I’m just gonna say, “I call bullshit.”

The French love running. It’s their cure all, get in-shape sport. They truly believe that if you walk to get your food, you can eat what you want. They don’t stress, about getting to places on time or about anything really.

They buy bio (organic) vegetables but eat copious amounts of carbs which I really don’t understand because if I eat the steady amount of pasta and bread some of these humans eat, I’d be three times wider. They eat dinner at 8 p.m. most nights and sometimes later (adopting habits from Spain, perhaps?). 

Many people smoke which we all know curbs appetite but is horrible for the internal health. This is probably the real misconception about Parisian health; looks good on the outside, so it must look good on the inside (most likely, not the case).

Parisians also love escaping the confides of city walls to run off to their country houses in Normandy or wherever it is they seek weekend refuge. The good clean air truly does good for the body, mind and soul.

While I get my butt to a gym every day, walk around town, eat predominately healthy and drink once a week, I still do not have the thin body of a Parisienne woman. Quite honestly, if it’s not genetics, they are starving themselves — it’s the only thing that makes sense. My real theory: they all claim that they never workout, but secretly join their neighborhood gym and detox throughout the week so when they do have that gluttonous meal that they Instagram and rave to their friends about how they don’t know how they keep losing weight, it’s all just fake. I go with this.



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