Goe Eat: des macarons

While I'm not new to making macarons, I've had my pitfalls with them in the past. Not having a strict recipe to follow never really helped either. However, following the holy grail of recipes found in the Ladurée cook book, with some of my own minor changes, is my claim to success. I've even found … Continue reading Goe Eat: des macarons


Goe Eat: Blueberry Tart

My favorite desserts are rustic -- very evidently homemade & from scratch -- pies & tarts. I've never been big on cookies, cupcakes or even traditional cake. A sweet filling paired with an almost savory crust allows for so many different textures and flavors in one bite. That being said, when you just want to whip … Continue reading Goe Eat: Blueberry Tart